Macaws at the E.Leclerc Mall in Rouffiac

This is yet another controversy involving the E.Leclerc brand and animal welfare, which has been buzzing on social networks in recent days and it is around the Rouffiac store (31). From August 26 to 31, the shopping center offered an entertainment showcasing several species of macaw parrots. It is important to remember that many of these birds are endangered and listed in Appendix II of CITES.




If the captivity of these beautiful birds could amaze the eyes of children, many customers of the store did not hesitate to complain to the management. And if the captivity was already unpleasant, it is especially the "spectacle" of the birds which displeased. A free flight in the mall, among the customers and employees of the sign. This demonstration, of about twenty minutes and leaving the species one to one fly away, was visible three times a day. Among the species presented, green-winged macaws, military macaws, bruises or sun-conure parakeets.

Following the store's many complaints, due mainly to this show, the birds left the mall 48 hours before the initial departure. However, many questions remain unanswered while the brand decides to play it deaf ear. How did the store's boss get the idea, while the question about captive animals is more and more present, to expose birds in cages? Who had the idea to fly them in the middle of the crowd? How can this kind of animation be educational and protect the species in its natural environment? We know that macaws belonged to an exhibition company and animals that have already collaborated with many other brands, such as Carrefour or Géant Casino. This same company that puts forward the commercial argument that people will move from afar to attend the shows, taking the example that people no longer go to the circus but to the zoo.

In 2019, is it really necessary to see this kind of numbers in shopping malls? The answer is no. Watching the most beautiful parrots, cockatoo and parakeets of the world fly away is beautiful. It's even beautiful. But not in a mall. Not in the middle of a crowd of people, noise and stress. An accident happened so quickly ... We do not want to see such representations anymore. A shopping mall is used to find shops to go shopping, under no circumstances to see birds fly and return to their aviaries.