Alone, in her circus, here is the elephant Tania

  • On 11/03/2020
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Tania is an African elephant. She is one of the last circus elephants in France. She is also one of the youngest, aged 33. She was born in Kenya, in a herd of wild elephants. But men, just like Betty, Mambo, Rosa, Bambi or even Baby will decide that her fate will not be that of a free elephant. Regarding its capture, nobody knows how it was carried out. Probably with violence, as is often the case when catching baby elephants for the entertainment industries.

Some time after his capture, while still a young elephant, Samba - such was his first name - will arrive in France. She will now work in a traveling circus. Even today, she is there. Her human considers her a pet, it would be very difficult for him to part with it, we were told. We imagine, Tania is a magnificent elephant. One of the last in French circuses and one of the few Africans. Thanks to her young age, and if we compare her to the oldest elephants in circuses, Tania could work even more than 20 years.

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We visited him twice. After a few shots, and after going around the animals present (tigers, camels, ponies), we quickly realize that, despite a larger enclosure area than the average of circus elephants, Tania is constantly turned towards caravans. She seems to be desperately looking for something to deal with, contact. It's no secret that elephants are gregarious animals. Especially the Africans. Does she seek human company, failing that of other elephants?

We also notice that Tania takes care as she can, in particular by throwing small stones in front of her. Here, we are not talking about throwing dust or dirt on her back, but about stones thrown a few meters in front of her ... Is she looking to play, to be occupied, rather than suffering from stereotypes? Today, Tania has spent half her life in the circus. Wouldn't it be the most beautiful thing to offer him a real retirement? To be able to see her evolve, in the company of other elephants, to recreate a herd ... Today, it is with hope that we hope that one day, her human will accept her placement. We are completely available to discuss this matter, and collaborate with it to offer the pachyderm a whole new life. Maybe not the one she would dream of, but, at least, with friends of her kind.



Help us to keep an eye on Tania (Samba) and convince her owner to make the changes necessary for her well-being, by making a donation.

- Your donation would help us get back to meeting Tania. He would allow us to contact the circus in order to explain to him that, despite all the love they may have for the African elephant, she cannot continue to live alone and that it is urgent to let her recreate links with individuals of its kind. And that would not be the most beautiful proof of love?




Tania and Baby are the last African elephants to live alone in circuses in France. We ask that a placement be made to re-socialize these two females, over 30 years old, with individuals of their species.

We therefore request, as soon as possible, an improvement in the conditions of detention. The elephants could be placed in a sanctuary where roaming, trucks and marquees will be forgotten. It is a matter of common sense. Despite all that a man can offer to an animal, nothing will ever replace the pleasure that to exchange with another individual of his kind.


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