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Like Tania, Baby is an African elephant. Both are over thirty and both were taken when they were just baby elephants after those they loved. Where does Baby come from, exactly? From Kenya, like Tania? From Zimbabwe, a country that used to sell baby elephants? We ignore it. What we do know, however, is that Baby has a broken left hind paw. She is disabled. We saved her, in Africa, she would not have survived with her handicap, we are told. This means that Baby has been injured since childhood. Because of the lack of money, we were unable to treat her, but she is very well and does not suffer.

Do not suffer? Living for 30 years with a broken leg, and it's not much? Being obliged, on a regular basis, to perform circus acts, to parade around the city, to be rented to agencies for advertising spots or photo sessions ... Today, Baby has taken over from Dumba, at the circus of Paris. And believe it, we are outraged. When Dumba was present in France, the elephant was at the heart of the controversies. She performed numbers unworthy of an elephant, walking a dog, playing ball and forcing him to make selfies with visitors. Dumba was thin and stereotyped. It was unthinkable that the Paris circus could hire an elephant again, and yet ... Baby is there.

Baby no longer takes selfies with visitors at the end of the issue, as Dumba did before her or as she herself did at the Saint Léger park. On the other hand, the numbers are always as ridiculous since Baby must wear his trainer on his tusks, take postures on a stool and pose for photos. During its representation, Baby keeps its trunk well in height. And outside the show? Baby wouldn't be visible. She is hidden, almost all the time, according to a whistleblower, in her trailer. Could it be to avoid the same scandals as in the past?

Now is too much. We remain available to exchange with her trainer, but we ask for the final placement of Baby in a fixed place and without show. In addition, Baby lives alone, without its kind, like Tania and Dumba. We therefore ask, like Tania, for her placement in a sanctuary where she can rub shoulders with other elephants. Wouldn't that be the best gift? After all, it is the man who stole his life as an elephant in Africa, so it is up to us to offer him the opportunity to find her, if only the minimum.

« [...] African elephants are threatened with extinction in the near future due to a number of threats, including the illegal killing for the ivory trade, the destruction of habitat by population growth and agriculture, and the resulting persecution for the looting of crops and the destruction of buildings.

Elephants also experience considerable physical suffering and psychological distress when kept in captivity for human entertainment, exhibiting unusual behavior, higher infant mortality and a shorter lifespan. »

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Help us to keep an eye on Baby and convince her owner to make the changes necessary for her well-being, by making a donation.


Your donation would help us follow Baby again, and check his conditions of captivity. He would allow us to contact his trainer to explain that despite all the love they may have for the African elephant, she can not continue to live in these conditions. The Elephants Haven sanctuary seems ready to welcome it. Chapter Animals can try to find other solutions, too, if this is not suitable. But it is urgent to let her recreate links with individuals of her species and help her take care of her paw. And that would not be the most beautiful proof of love?


- If Baby is entrusted to us, the money collected - via donations - which will not yet be used in travel will be donated to the sanctuary which would be responsible for it, for its acclimatization as well as to the future final structure. We thus guarantee permanent monitoring of the pachyderm.


- His case could serve as an example, by showing that circuses can yield their animals, for their well-being. This could serve as an example for all other African elephants alone, but also for other animals with disabilities. Let's join forces so that Baby can have a life with his companions of yesteryear ...

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