Lionesses and lion at the Cirque de Paris

  • On 21/03/2020
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Lions Cirque de Paris.

Certainly, the Paris circus has nothing to please. For several months, we have been regularly informed by activists and by social networks of the living conditions of the lions of this establishment. Not content with the living conditions of the elephants, Dumba (2018) and Baby (2020), the circus lions are hardly better off. We counted 5. Four lionesses, including Kara, used during the show and a male lion. We will call him Ben-Hur, waiting to know his identity. It is not presented under the marquee during the performances and could only be used for reproductions.

On the videos that our activists were able to provide us during the circus visits in various municipalities, we could see that, like the lions of the William Zavatta circus, the relaxation cage has never been installed. During the presence of the press, in Bruay-la-Buissière, in May 2019, the cage is well assembled ... under the marquee. For lack of space, it seems. According to the director of the circus, the lions go out 3 to 4 times a day. However, an activist who worked in the trade in front of the parking lot where the circus is installed confirms to us that the lions never go out. They stay in the truck until the hour of the show. They also have the bowl of water and food directly inside.

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A little over a year earlier, in Garancières, an additional lioness was present. This counted the number of lions in the circus at 6. A few months later, the birth of two lion cubs will be a problem ... These two babies who, according to the circus, will end up devoured by the male. Strange, when you know that no circus leaves babies with a male ... And even less when the director of the circus has a big name for the circus. A family that runs many small capitals and are therefore used to births ...

We are not closed to discussion with this establishment. Neither with others in the same family. Their establishments are often the target of attacks, regularly failing to meet minimum standards, such as the presence of relaxation cages or even when this is set up, if only to a minimum to improve the welfare of animals in the interior. So why ? Why keep animals for the show? Shouldn't we be thinking of moving towards a new path ... that of day parole?



« Chapter Animals is fully prepared to discuss with the director of the establishment the conditions for the accommodation of animals. In this period of crisis, with Covid_19 and the financial shortage to assume the animals, we are ready to come to the aid and offer real concrete solutions. But again, it's up to the circus to make the right choices and, why not, to turn to the start of a new collaboration with us. »

Julien, President Chapter Animals.




Help us keep an eye on lions and convince their owner to make the changes necessary for well-being, by making a donation.

- Your donation would help us follow the lions of the circus again, and check the conditions of captivity. He would allow us to contact their trainer to explain that despite all the love he may have, they cannot continue to live in these conditions. Chapter Animals can find solutions to give these lions a real lion life. And that would not be the most beautiful proof of love?




The #HelpTheLions campaign was launched after finding that many establishments did not comply with the legislation, however weak, concerning the conditions of detention of lions and more generally of big cats.

We therefore request, in the coming weeks, an improvement in conditions of detention. Otherwise, we will act so that the lions are removed from the establishment as soon as possible.  In the long term, we would like these same lions to be able to gain sanctuaries and live there in semi-freedom, far from the current parking lots and cage trucks.

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