Open letter to Elisabeth Borne regarding Baby

  • On 16/04/2020
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Open letter to Elisabeth Borne regarding Baby.

Madam Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition


So many emails sent right now from us, and waiting for a response from you. But there is so much to do for captive animals, it's a relentless fight despite confinement and you know it. This is why, in this specific case, we ask you to act as quickly as possible, as in the case of the bear Micha.

We told you about it in our previous emails, but the case of the Elephant Baby is urgent to settle. Baby is an African elephant, 38 years old. She lives alone, a shame for an individual of her species. Also, it was collected in Kenya. Catching baby elephants in these countries is no easy task. There is often talk of slaughtering the herd. How many elephants had to be slaughtered to capture Baby, in your opinion? Too much. She is also disabled, with her left hind paw. Historically, it seems. Proof, if necessary, that his capture was hardly gentle.

She has always been handicapped. However, she never stops working. It continues to be rented for festivals, film sets ... and circuses. Are you sure that the 2011 decree allows Baby to work in this state? And imagine that yes, are the conditions of detention of the elephant in norm? You must have heard of it, our colleagues at One Voice followed the elephant for almost a year. A whole year when Baby found himself living in a trailer. A tin can for an elephant. Could she get out of her truck to stretch her legs? Yes, but only during performances, during these shows and parades that his trainer imposes on him. How long has his ordeal been going on?

In March 2020, we are called by an animal activist to tell us terrible news: the cirque de Paris is once again hiring an elephant. In 2018, when the Asian elephant Dumba was rented, the living conditions of the pachyderm were deplorable. It was even used to take photos under the marquee, just like Baby at Parc Saint-Léger. So we launched a call on social networks and a person went there. And guess what? Baby was in his trailer. Just like the lion and the four lionesses of the circus, who did not have access to outside cages.

During her performance, she performs ridiculous numbers that have nothing educational and learn nothing about the anatomy of an African elephant - like playing football, wearing his "human" on his defenses, posing for to be photographed. Is it really useful to continue to see this in 2020? And it was not much better at Saint-Léger Park, managed by the same family, where Baby - in addition to taking photos with visitors - played basketball in addition to the current number.

Attached with this email, you will find many files concerning Baby, photos and videos, in particular those taken in Saint-Léger park by a photographer and during his visit to the Cirque de Paris. We ask you to examine them with the utmost importance. We also told you, in one of our previous emails, that it was necessary at all costs to control the circuses and their winter quarters, but also the capabilities. Here is an example of why we made this request.

Chapter Animals wants to make sure Baby's fate is quickly resolved. His miserable life, which is nothing like a real elephant life of his age, must end with immediate effect. A precautionary attachment must take place. We can help you find a place in a sanctuary. If we humans suffer from confinement, then imagine Baby who has lived like this since the age of two.

We remain at your disposal for any further information and thank you for your attention to our urgent mail. Please accept the assurance of our full consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

Julien, Founder of Chapter Animals.  

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