Open letter to Elisabeth Borne

  • On 16/03/2020
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Open letter to Mrs. Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Ecological Transition.

Madam Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition,


First of all, hello. Following the decree of March 15, 2020, article 1. - I. - In order to slow down the spread of the covid-19 virus, establishments belonging to the categories mentioned in article GN1 of the decree of June 25, 1980 referred to above. -after can no longer accommodate the public until April 15, 2020, including - under the CTS category: Marquees, tents and structures, Chapter Animals has decided to help the various structures welcoming animals.

Chapter Animals has been fighting for years to improve animal welfare in traveling circuses, zoos and water parks. We have sent you several emails on this subject, with no response to date. Today, it is more than important to underline that with the cessation of human activities, exceptional but necessary measures, Chapter Animals is worried about knowing the state of the animals held captive.

It goes without saying that small structures, especially itinerant circuses, will suffer large financial losses. Some establishments have, despite everything, decided to open on 03/15/2020, proof that the economic situation will be jeopardized and we are concerned to know if the animals, in the various captivity centers, will have the necessary that this either in terms of space, food and care. The impact on the health of humans, but also of animals, is significant.

Chapter Animals is ready to help the various structures right now. We have also been in contact, for many years, with some of these small structures but also with the association of family circuses in France, which already presented financial concerns, thus leaving animals locked up (William Zavatta), sick / injured animals (de Paris) or without security (Prein) ... So imagine, what it could give now. If here, we highlight certain circuses, we are also able to come and interact with the capabilities directly who might need help. In these times of crisis, our quarrels for or against captivity should no longer be put forward. The well-being of people and animals must come first. Food for animals, such as meat, hay, fruits and vegetables and eggs must be distributed as quickly as possible to help them. It is also necessary to envisage the various vaccines and the care for each individual. Real aid must be put in place and the sooner the better.

We also made several donations to animal shelters, to offer them enough to feed the animals a minimum (kibbles, boxes, toys).

Mobilization must take place as soon as possible. Some establishments are already in the red, financially speaking, and animals should not suffer. Our expertise in the field of captivity would only be an asset, to notice the animals that will need help. In the event that the situation becomes unprecedented, Chapter Animals could, with the help of our many partners, find an adequate and permanent placement for animals needing emergency assistance, whether they come from zoos, circuses, dolphinariums, breedings ect, as soon as travel authorizations are given ... No being must be forgotten. You can also find our actions on our website, proving that our actions are happening all over the world, thanks to these same partners aware of the current situation.

We ask you to believe, Madam Minister, our perfect consideration and we remain entirely at your disposal for any exchange on this subject by telephone, by email or by post.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,



Founder of Chapter Animals