Parc Asterix: towards the end of dolphin captivity?

  • On 30/03/2020
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Does Parc Asterix need the presence of dolphins to survive? The answer is no. However, for decades, many dolphins have lived there. While many were born in captivity, there are still three survivors. Three survivors, taken from the wild: Beauty, 47 years old, as well as Femke and Guama, 38 years old. For these three dolphins, we have been fighting for years to offer them a real retirement. Our fight to offer them a place in a marine sanctuary is not new, just like for Sharky and Malou, present at Marineland and also coming from the ocean. After all, man has deprived them of their freedom, so it's okay to give them back.

If, until today, the dolphinariums did not seem to adhere to our ideology, many rumors circulate on the fact that the Asterix park could well change its mind in the more or less near future. It seems that the decision is really being considered. And it is via a post from the influencer Kim Glow that we learn the news. And if this were to materialize, we would be the first to congratulate the park for having made the decision to abandon the shows with cetaceans.

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However, we also wish to remain vigilant. If the park would be determined not to exploit the dolphins any more, nothing is said about the future of these. There are seven dolphins left, Aya, Bahia, Bailey and Cecil, in addition to Beauty, Femke and Guama. Some are still young, like Bahia, only 6 years old. We hope, if this stop is officially decided, that they will not be entrusted to another dolphinarium! This would be unacceptable, when all individuals could have the chance to know the ocean through marine sanctuaries and form a real group of solid individuals, far from their basin. It could also be an opportunity for the park to reunite Femke and her son, Ekinox, who had been sent to Greece. This is also the case for Bailly, who could again find Naska.

We will also monitor whether the stopping of performances with sea lions is planned. The park has four. Gonzo, Santo and Smack are males, 11, 14 and 13 years old, respectively. Kaï, the only female, is 10 years old. Again, shelters can take care of them. It would be unthinkable to continue exploiting them for nothing for years. For the dolphins, we hope that the park will study a solution for rehabilitation at sea, rather than mixing them again with groups formed in ponds. Many dolphins were able to return to the sea, some joined groups of wild individuals, others became parents ... The most beautiful thing that it is, is it not to see these little protected take their take off?


« [...] I had absolutely no idea that this park had dolphins I discovered it on the spot. The person who welcomed me in the park informed me knowing that I was for animal protection, so that I would not be surprised when I walked past ... I therefore advise you to take advantage of the rides to have fun and not to go to the dolphin party that they will surely stop soon, they are thinking about it. »

Kim Glow.




Help us keep an eye on the dolphins and convince their owner to make the changes necessary for their well-being, by making a donation.

- Your donation would help us monitor Femke and the others, and ensure that they are properly moved to a sanctuary. He would allow us to contact their owner to explain that despite all the love he may have, they cannot continue to live in these conditions. Chapter Animals can find solutions to offer these animals a peaceful retirement. And that would not be the most beautiful proof of love?




The #ObélixNaPasBesoinDeDauphin {Obelix does not need a dolphin} campaign was launched to convince Parc Asterix that it does not need to exploit animals to be a magnificent amusement park. The #LaissezMoiRetrouverLOcean {Let me find the ocean} campaign was launched to help cetaceans taken from the wild to return to the ocean.

In this period of global health crisis, with the epidemic of Covid_19 and containment, is it not time to understand what animals feel in the basins? They are permanently confined. They cannot swim as they would like, cannot flee during a conflict, cannot go hunting, play ... Will Parc Asterix make the right decision?

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