Open letter to Elisabeth Borne

  • On 14/04/2020
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Open letter to Mrs. Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Ecological Transition.

Madam Minister of Ecological and Inclusive Transition


First of all, hello. Following our letter dated March 16, 2020, which remained unanswered on your part, we ask you again to tell you about the plight of wild animals in circuses. You are aware that many circuses have not been able to reach their winter neighborhood, some do not even have one, and that to this day they no longer have any income.

We do not invent anything, all the articles are available in the local press and here is the list of establishments that have been talked about: Nouveau Zavatta, La Piste aux Etoiles, William Zavatta, Zoo Circus, Cirque Idéal, Cirque Franco-Italien , Cirque Fantasia, Cirque Prein, Claudio Zavatta, Cirque Gervais, Cirque Seneca ... All the articles are available in the local press. We also wonder how small structures can get out financially and for the welfare of animals, such as the Cirque Italiano, Cirque de Paris, Cirque d'Europe, Warren Zavatta or Willie Zavatta.

These same circuses have lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, primates, ostriches, wallabies, a hyena ... Some of these animals need to swallow several kilos of food per day. Some will also need a vaccine, veterinary care, maybe injured? There is also the 2011 decree which must be respected. Is the outdoor cage of wild beasts and primates mounted? Is the zebra enclosure suitable? Are elephants free to move? Who to check it all? No one. Did you know that some individuals stay in trailers / cage trucks all day? Before confinement, we had joined two DDPPs to alert them to two cases, notably that of the African elephant Baby - disabled for more than 30 years - who lived in a trailer. None could answer us. There are no more controls, so no one to monitor the welfare of the animals.

In our previous letter, we mentioned the names of certain establishments that did not comply with the law. There was no need for containment for some capability to do as they wished. These same establishments have been forced to shutdown for over a month. One month, therefore, that they are no longer being watched. We therefore ask that checks be sent as soon as possible. Before that, we would like you to allow the circuses that are stopped on parking lots or grounds to return to their winter neighborhood. The place for animals, if everyone is free to decide whether or not to roam, is not in a parking lot. We ask that the winter quarters be then checked. All animals must be seen, all facilities also and trailers open. For circuses which do not have winter quarters, an inspection must also be carried out and the welfare of the animals supervised on loan. In the event of a breach, the animals must be definitively confiscated and the certificates of capacity not renewed. We also ask that no big cats, primates or other species live in their truck. Cages must be fitted, with enough to stimulate them. If not, then again, forfeiture must be made.

Also in our previous letter, we made several proposals to you. First aid to circuses. Not financially, but only as food - meat, hay, fruit - to feed the animals. We cannot let them die. Second, that we organize a collection to help the animals and put the disputes over captivity on hold. Circuses do not want the help of associations, too bad. Third, the most realistic in this case, the seizure of certain animals for circuses that cannot afford to deal with them. It is not reasonable to see lionesses in gestation or on the point of giving birth, when the owners do not manage to support them. They must therefore be placed in an emergency, in a place without roaming and stress.

Chapter Animals undertakes, with the help of our partners, to find shelters for all animals that may need them and those whose conservatory seizure could be initiated. We will also list the places where the confiscated animals will be found to ensure that the remaining animals can benefit from the best conditions. Some cases need to be looked into and we are counting on you. This crisis is proof that many traveling circuses cannot foresee in the event of unforeseen events. We must therefore act now, and not wait for the death of an animal. Besides, how many will die during this crisis, without anyone being aware of it?

You are aware that humans can transmit symptoms of Covid__19 to captive animals. Tigers, belugas and even great apes made the headlines for this reason. Proximity between humans and animals in circuses could therefore prove fatal for the most fragile animals. We therefore request that cash bans be studied. We also ask that species not present in circuses but present in the 2011 decree be prohibited (giraffes, crocodiles, panthers). Species not present in this same decree (hyena, penguins) must be confiscated. Finally, in France, there are only a few elephants left in the circuses, some of them in shameful conditions (Baby and Tania). There are only two hippos left too. We ask to act for these animals as soon as possible.

Finally, we request a report on the total number of animals presently present in mobile establishments. We ask for the list by individual, sex, age and name of, according to our information, about 3,000 animals present in circuses. This information must be made public to ensure real monitoring and to prevent animals from disappearing, as in the case of Natcher/Sultan.

We remain at your disposal for any further information and thank you for your attention to our urgent mail. Please accept the assurance of our full consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

Julien, Founder of Chapter Animals.  

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