The placement of Mina, Poliakov, must be done

  • On 21/04/2020
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Do you remember the infamous trainer couple, the Poliakovs? No need to sue on the internet, since it will take place - in real conditions. They were the owners of the late Micha bear, who died at La Tanière zoo-refuge, but are also the current owners of the Bony and Glasha bears. And although the latter two are now in sanctuaries, the Refuge de l'Arche for Bony and the Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald for Gasha, renamed Franca, these animals still belong to the couple. But they were not the only ones. Many equines, various species of birds, many farm animals but also a monkey. This monkey is a female. Her name is Mina, and from the start, we have done our best to ensure that her placement is carried out under the best possible conditions.

Mina is a guenon. And just like the other animals, it is one of the forgotten ones of this media madness, which focused on the story of the three bears. However, we were lucky to see it in a photo. It was not an easy fight, since the volunteer who joined us the photo refused to transmit them to us. A former Poliakov employee, she had joined her testimony and the images to another association. It was her lawyer who advised her not to send them to us. But, after negotiation, the owner of the images agrees to send us photos. We will never receive videos, including those from Bony and Glasha's conditions of detention. But that's already it. On the pictures, for the first time, appears Mina. She is in an outdoor enclosure. But what could have been a dream is nothing. Its enclosure is dirty, weeds - about 1m50 to believe his words - are present. Lots of waste too. Nobody would like that, however, it is the daily life of this female.

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Mina 1

Since then, we have never stopped joining the Poliakovs. No response was made to our many emails, asking for news of Mina. Is it their lawyer who advises them not to respond to associations? Have our emails been lost amid the many emails of insults and death threats that the Poliakovs say they receive? We don't know. And that is why we will be sending a letter by registered letter in the coming days! For us, it cannot stay there. We had the agreement of an establishment for placement. She would stay there until she found him a real sanctuary. The work will be long, it will be necessary to re-socialize it, to teach it to mix with other hoards, to integrate into a group ... Where does it come from? How did she live? How was it set up? We don't know, but Mina must find a real primate life.

We know one thing, Mina is not exploited during medieval fairs. At the same time, the main attraction was Micha. Neither Bony nor Glasha were. On the other hand, AVES France has broadcast images, from private services, where Mina was present in December 2018. In these same photos, made public by the association, Micha is also present. They were used to take photos and to be petted. Today, more than ever, it is time to place Mina. In this period of health crisis, the Poliakovs will not be able to work. The medieval festivals being postponed, it will be impossible for the couple to perform their different shows. Besides, do they still only have contracts after the Micha phenomenon? Would Mina not be a financial plague for this couple today? We offer them a kind placement for their well-being. And to accept that is to offer him the most beautiful proof of love after more than 10 years of operation.


« [...] We have repeatedly contacted the Poliakovs by email to hear from Mina. Without any response. Today, with the health crisis, we are worried about how Mina (on) lives there. Does it have a clean and healthy outdoor enclosure? Is she fed properly? Will it serve as entertainment for parties like Micha, Bony and Glasha before it? We want a placement as soon as possible, and, if possible, kindly to expedite this. »

Chapter Animals.

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