You witness an act of mistreatment, not causing immediate danger, towards an animal: contact us as soon as possible, using the form below and giving us as much detail as possible. Name of animal, age, place of residence, name of owner, injuries, number of animals ... Any information can be useful. Explain to us clearly and calmly what you saw with your eyes. Try to have as much evidence, photos, testimonies, videos as possible so that you can act quickly. No need to add more if someone told you that ... We want your side of the story. We will follow the progress of the file with you and those of the associations joining the survey.

You witness an act of mistreatment, which can cause the death of an animal: contact the authorities closest to you, first. Then join us by phone. We will act as far as possible or ask for help from our partners in order to act in an emergency. Again, a precise description of what is going on, with as much information as possible without adding more. Evidence, photos and videos, are always appreciated to get things done even faster.

Recall the French law: a person who inflicts serious ill-treatment and acts of cruelty to an animal is liable to up to 2 years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. Chapter Animals is fighting to make sure that the sentences of justice are applied more often and hardened. The competent authorities may decide to confiscate the animal and entrust it to us. In this case, we will find him a suitable place.

/!\ Warning : Regarding non-domestic animals, such as lions and monkeys, being locked in a cage does not mean being mistreated in the eyes of French law. You can send us your photos and videos of a circus pass or a zoo that seems not to care about the welfare of animals, but in no way assert the mistreatment. See if the animal has wounds, if the animal is thin, if its skin is damaged or if it seems fearful, aggressive, stereotypical. Is he also able to move around in an outdoor enclosure and if not, why? You must have the same judgment for a domestic animal as a non-domestic one. However, if the non-domestic animal is owned by an individual, please notify us immediately. Recall that the Capuchins, and other monkeys, as well as the fennecs, servals and other big cats are considered as non-domestic animals. Only a holder of a certificate of proficiency can have one.

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