Chapter Animals is convinced of this: captivity is not compulsory for animals. However, you have to be realistic. If it is not compulsory, it remains - because of men - a means of protecting certain species. It is a solution among others ... But nothing will ever replace backup in its natural state! We prefer to fight to preserve the presence of these magnificent animals in their natural environment - to protect humans - rather than behind pens or cages. We are also strongly opposed to the removal of individuals from the wild, as some establishments still allow.

Our work is as follows: to allow the maximum of these animals to find an environment more adapted to that of their own and allow them to live a life - or retirement - in our partner sanctuaries. On this subject, Chapter Animals plans to open its first sanctuary, in France, to allow to welcome big cats and primates and to consider possible transfers to South Africa.

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One thing is certain, animals are not toys and should not be viewed as simple money pumps. Around the world, they are used against their will. This is why Chapter Animals is at your disposal to put forward your concerns about wild animals and write reports by your side, whether in France or abroad.

If you plan to go on a trip, whether in Europe, Asia or Africa and you also want to take the opportunity to carry out good actions, contact us. We will give you the names of establishments where you can take pictures to complete our surveys. And if you want to join us on your own pictures that you have already taken during your previous trips, remember to mention the country, the name of the establishment / activity, the date of the pictures and tell us us in detail what you saw.

We are looking for many images, mainly videos in good quality landscape format, to carry out our campaigns around the world and to change mentalities. After all, do you prefer the animals on the right or left images? Because we, the choice is quickly made.


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