First of all, we must keep in mind that the professionals we are going to talk about are practicing legal professions in France! No need to come and insult them. This does nothing to advance our fight, in order to offer the best to these animals.

Professionals - capabilities can work on their own account but also in circuses. In the first case, they can themselves canvass town halls or companies for various events (Christmas farm, exhibitions with demonstrations, medieval festivals). They work freelance, for their own company / association. It can also happen that it is the town halls or the companies which canvass them. This is what happens most often.

In the case of circuses, trainers are contacted by the artistic director of the establishment to perform a number with their animals. Generally, trainers of big cats (lions, tigers), birds (macaws, parrots) and elephants work the most. We no longer see, for example, trainers presenting great apes, panthers, giraffes or crocodiles in itinerant circuses.

The arrival or the shows of the latter are often controversial. We will remember last year at the Bordeaux ice rink, the number featuring a lion (picture 12). A few months later, a Christmas tree will stage a panther (picture 3). In Rouffiac, an exhibition of macaws (images 6 and 10) will create controversy in early September. In February 2018, it was the arrival of the bear Micha (image 5) who had ignited social networks with his appearance in a restaurant.

Speaking of Micha, it's time to talk about the bear showers. In September of last year, Micha's last public performance was performed before his placement in La Tanière and his death soon after. Micha's owners also owned two other bears who, despite themselves, came to the fore: Bony and Glasha. Finally, it was the turn of the other animals of the couple and in particular the guenon Mina (image 1) to be exposed too. But they are not the only ones in France to use bears for the medieval festivals: Valentin bear is regularly put forward like the Killian bear since its owner also uses wolves (images 2 and 11).

Another use for these capabilities: audiovisual. For example, the owners of the elephant Dumba - before lugging it between circuses and zoos in recent years - used it to make it turn in commercials and films but also at weddings as well as Baby (images 4 and 7). Rap clips are very fond of animals that make them mean ... but kept on a leash. Crocodiles, panthers, lions ... This is the case for Kenzo, in particular the white tiger baby from the ROAAR association, which is used to shoot clips.



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