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Since our association was born, Chapter Animals has been trying to be active internationally. We are, thanks to our partners, in Japan, in São-Tomé and Principe, in Slovakia ... And every day, we witness shocking acts that it is not only for pets but also wild animals.

At what point, in 2020, in a so-called "civilized" society, is it normal to rave about suffering animals? Is it normal that orangutans, an endangered species, are forced to fight in a boxing ring and are used for prostitution? Often, individuals illegally removed from their natural environment. Is it normal to continue to use elephants as common vehicles in order to carry out ballads? Especially when we see the back of the decor. Is it normal to see in Asia - and develop all over the world - wild animal themed cafes? These same coffees which contribute to the levy in the wild and to the illegal trafficking in cash ... Or is it normal, still in 2020, to see in Africa rich men hunted to obtain a white lion trophy?

Man sees himself as the master of species, humiliating and subduing other individuals because they are different. For selfish pleasure. But today, mentalities are starting to change. People are becoming more aware of animal welfare and boycotting this kind of activity.

Chapter Animals calls for a ban on these same tourist activities - violent. Say no to elephant rides, but also camels in Egypt. Say no to activities offering orangutans, as well as street performances exploiting other primates. Let's also say no to snake charmers ... As well as to themed cafes is purely lucrative. We oppose the trophy hunt is boxed but also the various activities featuring wild animals - such as selfies.

Let us be indignant worldwide against this kind of activity which causes only suffering and together we find solutions for the well-being of animals but also of men. As in India with the dancing bears, offer animal owners reconverstions towards well-being and freedom rather than in violent absurdity. Chapter Animals never ceases to promote that people and animal species can live in perfect harmony. The creation of a sanctuary, refuge, protected and non-huntable area could lead to great projects for the defense of the animal cause.

Join you! Let us work together to build an ideal world where animals are no longer simple tools, but real individuals. Help us strongly advise those around you not to endorse such shows.

Let’s no longer endorse doing these things with wild animals: swimming, riding on their backs, taking selfies, hunting, petting ... This represents real dangers for men - since a wild animal, even domesticated, can n any time to rekindle your first instincts and be unpredictable. In addition to the danger of others, this can involve significant stress for the animal in question, especially when the latter is small or taken from the wild. Felines, birds, reptiles, primates but also elephants, dolphins and otters are the main victims of our entertainment.


Pictures 1 to 10 are from Aaron Gekoski and the Born Free Foundation; images 11, 12 and 14 come from a supporter of Chapter Animals and images 13, 15 and 16 from anonymous sources.





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