We cannot repeat it enough: a wild animal (or non-domestic animal) is not a pet. To have a big cat or primates in France, you must have a certificate of competence. Including for fennecs and saïmiris who are considered as PET. In no case can a private individual acquire a wild animal. The owner of the animal, if it is reported, faces heavy criminal penalties.

Of course, who hasn't dreamed of having their own black panther when they were younger? His own chimpanzee? Or even his own toucan? The purchasing network for non-domestic species is very closed. It is difficult to get an animal like this and yet ... We can no longer count the number of lion cubs recovered in recent years, as well as the number of marmosets. Some come from traffickers, others potentially from professionals related to the animal (circuses, zoos, capacity), sometimes they come directly from abroad ... No one knows exactly where they come from and even the buyers often ignore it.

Sometimes these babies are seized by the authorities. Often a pitiful state. The next problem remains the placement of the seized animal. Regularly, they are transferred to Tonga Terre d'Accueil, but one day ... There will be no more space. This is why Chapter Animals is committed to building a sanctuary as soon as possible to help these animals in distress. But above all: please do not buy exotic animals and report those who sell or own them to the authorities.