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Are zoos really a place of paradise for animals? According to the testimonies of former employees, it really depends on the zoo - or rather animal park, as they are called more and more regularly. Let's take an example: last year we were able to obtain two meetings with two different establishments. The first concerned a "mini-zoo" for which several sympathizers had asked us to investigate leaving, according to them, animals in catastrophic states without water or food.

If during our visits, food and water were present, there was much to complain about the conditions of the animals present. An enclosure that presented a green monkey, a female named Mara (picture 1) lived there. This poor female has lived alone for years and could not be moved since suffering from cataracts. There was also the case of a rhea - which we named Mia (picture 3), since nobody deigned to give him one. She lives next to Mara, alone since the death of her companion. The veterinarian on site explains to us that Mia also has health problems and that it is necessary to oblige the town hall not to take again animals for this place. Do not forget, further on, well hidden a greenhouse with many aviaries ... And birds that survive.

Fortunately, the second went better despite our fears. The Faron wilderness (images 2, 5 and 6) has been widely criticized. Too much ? Accused of selling animals to individuals, to professionals, of carrying out training for circuses, of possessing enclosures that are far too small for the species present ... There would be a lot to say, and this dialogue will take place with the - recent - owners of the premises. Many changes must be made to the fawn, but it is in the hands of the town hall of Toulon to help them!

However, these two establishments are not the only ones to be in the spotlight. The Amnéville zoo, the menagerie of the garden of plants, the Strasbourg zoo, the Fréjus zoo, ROAAR (picture 8) ... How many of them present animals in cages that are far too small or not adapted to the environment? 'species? How many perform shows with animals? How many euthanize their animals? How many babies manage to get out of their pens? (image 4) How many animals of gregarious species - elephant, primate, feline - live alone? (picture 7) And how many animals end up showing signs of madness? But let's face it, there are good and bad students everywhere.

Some of these establishments represent a real retreat for animals. The Tonga, Terre d'Accueil association is proof of this. Animals seized by the authorities find a well-deserved retirement there. In another La Tanière style, but which will, within a few months, make these animals visible.





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