The investigations we carry out are sometimes necessary to improve the welfare of animals. Although the primary goal of our association is to create a structure to accommodate animals in distress, we are looking for witnesses - also called investigators / whistleblowers - to explain with supporting evidence the living conditions of animals in the establishment in question. It is always necessary to have someone to go to the scene, in order to know the dates of the circus but also if everything must be done so that the DDPP moves as soon as possible. We ask them to look at each animal, its behavior - is it in good health or on the contrary sick / injured - as well as to check the relaxation cages and if the sizes of the enclosures are respected. Obviously, if it is a rainy day, most of the animals will be locked in their truck.

It happens that mayors contact us, in order to know the legal steps to follow. We are the first to prevent them from issuing an order. The order is illegal. The mayor of the town will be dismissed and ordered to pay a more or less large sum. They can nevertheless make a wish, purely symbolic. Here again, we do not encourage them to do anything, although generally, they very quickly make the decision to do so. On the other hand, we are the first to encourage them to send a control of the DDPP to the circus. It is important to know if the animals are in good standing and in good health. We advise these same mayors to leave a green area available to establishments, so that animals can - at least for the time of a city - put their feet in greenery. There is nothing to prevent them from making a wish, but not to prohibit them.

Lionnemuller 1

The controls are very important. Without them, it is very likely that some establishments would let their animals live in horrible conditions. Chapter Animals ensures that this does not happen. We sometimes contact the veterinary services ourselves, when we see an injured animal or know that the animal is at risk. Ostriches, lions, elephants, zebras ... No animals should be left. We explain to the veterinary services that in case of problems, we are ready to act as soon as possible. And when nothing helps, then we act otherwise. This is the case for rare establishments, but most prefer dialogue and controls.

This is why to help the veterinary services and the authorities, it is very important to set up a sanctuary capable of receiving animals that could be confiscated for life. This same kind of establishment could be a favorable outcome to any ban - even partial - on animals in circuses. But in the meantime, Chapter Animals will act as soon as an animal needs our help! We did everything to help Nale when he was depressed in his circus; we are doing everything we can to find Natcher and Betty, the lions of a circus which was parading illegally and we will do everything in the future to help any animal!