As we said, Chapter Animals is open to dialogue. Maybe too much for some? However, if we have decided since 2018 to open up to exchanges with Circassians, it is not for nothing. Only one thing decided us to react like that: animal welfare. We could, like many associations, enter into direct conflict with the circuses, come and demonstrate with signs and megaphone ... But that does not interest us.

Of course, we are not saying that these methods are useless. Everyone has their own convictions and we interact very well with certain associations which decide to do so. But we wanted to try a different approach. It was while talking to a circus worker who himself admitted that there were still circuses that did not have winter quarters and did not know what to do with their old animals. And the latter assumed that there should be an association open to dialogue, able to help them take care of animals in order to offer them a retirement without roaming. And it's done.

Cirque zavatta

Since we decided to do this, we have been able to interact with a few establishments. Some are suspicious, others understand our approach. Why embark on long and costly legal proceedings - which could take years - when one can simply dialogue and find an amicable solution? Chapter Animals does not hide it: we are not for the captivity and the roaming of animals. However, we also listen to what our interlocutors can tell us. And we can also offer them solutions in partner structures when animals have to be placed.

Speaking of structure, Chapter Animals initial goal is to open its own sanctuary. The latter would allow big cats and primates to find a refuge where they would be on day parole. A wonderful retreat after years of work in circuses, laboratories or in the event of confiscation by the authorities. For this project, we would like to collaborate with Circassians, who would abandon training to devote themselves to this new way of saving species and why not, allow certain individuals to return to the land of their ancestors.

After all, more and more circuses are running without animals - definitely or in certain cities. Wouldn't this be an opportunity for these establishments to offer a whole new life to animals? A final show stop.