Let's be honest, Chapter Animals has not yet had the chance to help a circus animal. However, we have made reports of many individuals and remain firmly committed to taking action as soon as the authorities need our help.

Let us not forget that we also put our sanctuary project first. The most effective way to help animals is to be able to accompany them in a safe place. And what could be better than a refuge? The authorities will no longer have reason to hesitate to come to the aid of animals in great distress.

In the meantime, here are some animals for which we wanted to act. Helping them seemed essential.



Bébé and Bellone are two lionesses, from a traveling French circus. Aged between 10 and 15 years, locked in a trailer (it's a habit) without a relaxation cage, they are the only lionesses of the circus to participate in the numbers. And while some establishments retire lions over the age of 10, they continue to work. The circus being suspicious, it is relatively difficult to approach them and as the latter remains discreet, impossible with certainty to know the next tour dates to try to negotiate the placement of these lions.

NNale (Elyo) is a lion, from a traveling French circus. Nale was 7 years old and lived in deplorable conditions. While growing up with his brother, Chirkane, the latter will be euthanized after an attack on his trainer in 2017. Nale will then live in his trailer, hidden, until April 2018 where he will be filmed injured. Depressed and calm, the lion bumps his head in his cage truck. Not participating in the performances, not having a relaxation cage, remaining locked in his tarpaulin trailer with, during the rare openings, prohibition to photograph the animal. Immediately, we find a sanctuary close to welcome it urgently. However, the circus refuses. In June 2019, Nale will finally be transferred to the La Tanière zoo-refuge.



Ben-Hur is a lion, from a traveling French circus. He lives in a trailer, along with five lionesses. He does not participate in performances. It is probably only used for reproduction ... and to eat babies, to believe the circus. He is not being trained, so what does he do in the circus. However, it is forbidden for a circus to keep animals that are not working. Especially since our investigations have shown that the circus never installed a relaxation cage, which is - once again - an offense. Isn't it time to offer him freedom, then?

Natcher (Sultan) is a lion, from a traveling French circus. About 10 years old, Natcher and his lioness Betty only served one thing: to make illegal sound displays to announce the coming of the circus. While the 2011 decree prohibited it, until 2017, the couple of lions was used to advertise the circus. When this was not the case, they were covered. They have never had the right to an outdoor cage - which is however compulsory. Their lives came down to living through the bars of their truck and going crazy during these displays that they should never have suffered. Since 2017, Natcher and Betty are no longer present in the circus replaced by their offspring. Chapter Animals makes every effort to find the track of these wild beasts and be able to offer them a place in a sanctuary. We are worried, are they only still alive?



Olympe is a white tigress, from a traveling French circus. Over 20 years old, Olympe did not participate in the performances and for good reason, she was suffering. The director of the establishment explained to us that she suffered from a tumor, which kept coming back. Since 2017, Olympe has been undergoing operation after operation. We do not know if, to this day, Olympe is still alive.


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