Financially speaking, it is difficult for you to make a donation to us. It doesn't matter, we don't force anyone, but if you still want to help us, you have various solutions. You can, as a first step, organize a fundraiser for our association. On Facebook, you can also choose an association to support and ask for donations for it on your birthday. An ideal opportunity! If you are an artist, you can also offer us a percentage - however minimal it may be - of your sales or organize a charity work for us.

One way to make us known is also to canvass your organic stores, vegan or close to our ideology in order to organize sales for our association. The sales can be those of the store itself, deciding to offer a percentage to our association or else products that you can make. This is not done too much in France, but in foreign schools, it is not uncommon to organize charity sales, with sales of cakes or pancakes. Do not hesitate to make your cakes in the shape of animals, with cookie cutters, and use frosting and food coloring of different colors. Also pay attention to the ingredients. Specify whether certain allergenic foods: gluten, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, nuts or even lupine. Also specify if your pastries / snacks are vegan or not.

You can also organize meetings with the managers of various shops, to discuss the association's projects. Brands not tested on animals are often open to partnerships. Likewise if you are an influencer and want to share our content. This could greatly help us in the construction of our structure.

Once the sanctuary is near, your generosity will also be important. Getting enough to feed the animals will cost a lot. That is why donations of meat (unsold at the butcher's shop, for example) and fruit (in supermarkets) we will be very useful. Obviously, there is no question of going past humanitarian associations. But if you can ever think of us, and our future residents, we will be grateful to you a billion times.