Animals :



Chapter Animals is regularly in the field to conduct investigations. During our investigations, we happen to cross the road of animals with living conditions that we consider contrary to their well-being. In this case, we decide to deepen our investigations and, if the need arises, to use all the necessary resources to place the animal elsewhere.


These are mainly monkeys or big cats, which can be placed in sanctuaries, but they are not the only ones since elephants - to which we ask for legal rights -, hippopotamuses and certain species of cetaceans also join animals for which we are asking for investments. For these, placement is harder, but not impossible. Whale Sanctuary is now in operation, able to accommodate dolphins and orcas at retirement; Elephant Haven is still under construction, we are waiting for the end of the construction to see if the elephants can be welcomed there, and if so, they can be placed there otherwise zoos and safaris with suitable terrains could support the individual; as for hippopotamuses, a trip to Africa is possible, or, like elephants, in safaris adapted to their needs.


We also receive many requests to help some animals, but you should know that several elements are taken into account.


- Can the living conditions of the animal be improved if care, there is?

- Is the owner ready to give up the animal? Does the owner agree not to replace the animal? Have the authorities planned a seizure? Can our campaign help with the placement of the animal?

- Is a sanctuary available? If yes which ? Are the funds available to finance his land? The sanctuary, does it have the capacity to receive the animal?

- Does the animal have the consent of a veterinarian to travel or can it be treated to be adept at the trip?

- If departure abroad: did the authorities accept the export? Are the papers in order? Is it logistically feasible? And for the welfare of the animal?

- Are funds for transportation, food and animal care available? For how long ? Can we finance them?