Bebe and Bellone :


Our investigation - June 2019 : The lions Bebe and Bellone, during our passage in the town of Leers (59) did not have access to the outdoor relaxation cage. However, both lionesses participate in performances. They were the only ones to participate, the presence of the lion Nelson, the lioness Mandela and the lioness Coralie was only at the menagerie. During our first visit, the lionesses, locked in their truck-cage could not leave. The next two days, the truck was covered. Two days later, to ensure a representation, the tarp of the truck was between-open (photo opposite). One of the lionesses also had a slight injury in the arcade but nothing alarming.


Our request : Given the significant age of the two lionesses, aged at least 10, if not 15, we ask for their retirement. They must need peace now, and homelessness will not be able to offer them a quiet retirement. Chapter Animals proposes to accompany the Italiano circus by offering sanctuaries for these two lionesses. We also propose to the circus that Bellone and Bebe can become, in a few years, the residents of our own sanctuary - project in progress.