Bip-Bip, Oscar and Rosalie :


Our investigation - December 2018/January 2019 : Bip-Bip, Oscar and Rosalie are three ostriches belonging to the circus of Venice. There would be one male and two females. During our visits, in December 2018 and January 2 019, the condition of the plumage of the birds had particularly shocked us! After seeing the three ostriches more closely, we noticed many brands. One of the ostriches has a scar on the neck, another has a lopped hindquarters and the three have many paw wounds. We also know for sure that these brands are not caused by abuse. However, the stress of ostriches is easily noticed by their stereotyped movements, such as stitching partners, in a vacuum or barriers. We add that, given the bad weather, ostriches spent at least two out of three days in their transport truck, which was open but with no exit for ostriches.


Our request : It is obvious that the place of the ostriches is not on a parking lot (photo opposite), as it was the case in the commune of Toulon (83). We are certain, however, that the marks on ostriches are not related to violence but mainly to their unsuitable living conditions for these birds. We propose that ostriches stop living in homelessness, and move in the truck, in order to have access to a place more suitable for them.