Bouly :


Our investitagion - July 2 017 : Bouly is a hippopotamus, 19 years old, from an Italian zoo. She is now one of only two circus hippopotamuses, remaining in France. She works in the circus Royal Kerwich. Although his detention is legal, ethical issues may arise. Is it reasonable for a hippopotamus, being a gregarious species, to live alone? In alone we hear without congener of his kind. During our surveillance, during the summer of 2018, Bouly had his own pool and seemed to like it. She also participates in shows, although hippos do not have a particular attitude to dressage. She realized a lap, then was fed. The number was used to present it, present the species ...


Our request : We ask questions. Is it really for the well-being of Bouly that she lives in the circus? Although, this being quite rare to emphasize, on each of our visits, Bouly seemed to miss nothing, is it really correct not to make him meet other hippopotamuses? During the performance, Bouly is presented as a 19-year-old unmarried lady. Yet, would not she be better with his own? We ask that Bouly be placed in a sanctuary or a reserve allowing him to meet other members of his kind and to create links with.