Dumba :


Our investigation - October 2018 : Dumba is an elephant from Asia, 42 years old. It is regularly rented to circuses, film shoots / TV shows / commercials or various performances. When she is not renting, Dumba lives in Spain in a garden that is not in order and is not suitable for the well-being of the elephant, according to the FAADA Foundation which constantly denounces the conditions of Dumba and asks for his transfer to a sanctuary. We were made aware of the situation in autumn 2018, when it was rented by the Paris circus, which was in Gisors. We then contacted the FAADA Foundation, in charge of the file, following the images received from the abnormal postures of the elephant in his enclosure. Since then, Dumba has returned to Spain, this time in a zoo where she makes shows and, just like during her stay in France, used to take pictures with clients.


Our request : We demand the seizure of elephant Dumba and its placement in a suitable sanctuary. Aged over 40, living alone, Dumba has nothing to do in show or in an environment unworthy of an elephant. Chapter Animals therefore joins the request of the FAADA Foundation and asks the competent authorities for the withdrawal of this elephant who was already producing numbers that have nothing to do with what an elephant would do in its natural environment, during its passage in France (walk a dog, shoot the ball, lie down so that the public takes pictures sitting on it). A suitable place to live in the company of other elephants would be welcome.