Jumba lesautres

Jumba :


Our investigation - January 2019 : Jumba  is an elephant from Asia, about fifty years old. This is one of four elephants of a famous family of trainers. She changed her identity a short time ago. We know it's not Belinda or Pira. During our first visit, in January, during their visit to Monaco, the elephants were not really alarming, if it was only a limp (remember that they had an accident causing the death of Diana, in April 2018). Since then, the elephants have flown to Slovakia and this is where the state of the so-called Jumba has been noted. Wearied, isolated, Jumba could be sick. His condition is alarming!


Our request : We ask, given the state of Jumba, seizure of the elephant and its immediate placement - as soon as possible - in a suitable place! Jumba is old, probably sick and weak, his place is no longer on the road. So we want to see Jumba finish his life not on the roads or in an unknown way, as was the case with many elephants of this family. A sanctuary could accommodate her, but also the other three older elephants more or less of the same age.