Natcher et Betty :


Our investigation - October 2017/May 2019 : The lion Natcher, better known under the pseudonym Sultan, and his lioness Betty are at the heart of our investigations. They are today, both, not found. Yet we followed the circus for several months thanks to dedicated activists. Despite our reports and breaches of regulation, the seizure of lions never took place. None participate in shows, they never had access to any relaxation cage; they were regularly on the ground in their truck, sawdust-free, used only during illegal sound parades, were regularly covered with tarpaulins ... According to an investigation report received, the circus William Zavatta asserted that Natcher did not belong to them and that it belonged to a Parisian circus, despite the amount of evidence that we had. We also know that during the month of April, the holder of the certificate of capacity could only hold one lion ... And it was not Natcher, then. During our last survey, a lioness named Gipsy - who was pregnant - lived with tarpaulin. When the mayor sent a check, the circus had made Gipsy disappear.


Our request : We have all the necessary evidence for justice to do its job - videos, photographs, audio recordings. Yet Natcher is nowhere to be found! What did he become ? Is he dead ? Sold? Retired ? We ask, supported by the associations Actions en Justice and Paris Zoopolis Animaux, that Natcher, Betty and the other lions who can be detained in conditions contrary to the regulations are entrusted to us. We could then make transfers to South African sanctuaries or simply become residents of our future sanctuary. We are also open to an exchange with the owner of the circus about their future and, in this case, the place where they are.