Olympe :


Our investigation - October 2017/2019 : Olympe is a tigress in her twenties, living in the circus menagerie La Piste aux Etoiles. Since our first meeting with, we notice that the condition of the tigress does not arrange. Suffering from a tumor, operated to remove it, it has only returned. However, Olympe lives in the cage truck, along with other circus tigers. His condition does not allow to participate in shows, it remains his whole days behind bars (or possibly, when the terrain allows, in a cage of relaxation). But his place is no longer on the roads of France.

Our request : Olympe is old and injured. His place is no longer in a truck to cross the whole of France, under a marquee to make numbers, or even to stay in the company of other tigers. So we think his placement should be, or even his isolation. We can imagine that the tigress has a treatment to follow, forcing her to continue to follow her owner on the roads, but we should be able to leave space for her, and perhaps even the isolated, as the true nature of her life a tiger.