Optimus (Sirius) :


Our investigationOptimus is the lion of the circus La Piste aux Etoiles. Since we began our surveillance of circus animals, Optimus (or Sirius), does not come out of his truck. He lives in the company of a lioness and a cub, but is separated by grids. He remains alone, roaring, going back and forth, waiting to go out. He sees the other beasts, can stretch his legs, and those who are his neighbors, can not enjoy, staying behind their bars.

Our request : We are requesting the placement of Optimus in a fixed establishment. His conditions of detention, not taking part in performances under the big top, and not having access to a relaxation cage, prove that the animal is just there to make the reproduction. If Optimus could have been rescued from a breeding farm in South Africa, we ask for his return to a sanctuary ... Or in our future sanctuary!