Taniaentete 1

Tania 1

Samba / Tania :


Our investigation - May and June 2018 : The African elephant Tania, formerly known as Samba, is 32 years old. During our visit, we could see that her enclosure was in line with that of the 2011 decree. However, Tania seemed bored. She was regularly back, looking at the caravans, as if waiting for the company. If her detention is legal, is it really good for her to live without a congener of her kind?


Our request : Tania being an elephant of Africa, loneliness could weigh it. So yes, men are never far away and their neighbors (tigers and camels) either. But during our surveillance, Tania did not know what to do to attract attention, if it was only to throw earth away ... A place in a sanctuary, would not it be, for her, a true relief?