Tiago and his family :


Our investigation - October 2017/2019 : The nicknamed « Tiago » (identity still to be verified) is an old baboon hamadryas, always on the roads with his own. This baboon, according to the director of the circus, would have several decades. His old age would not make him a place in retirement. At the last pictures received, in Toulon (83), the old baboon seemed tired in the middle of his son jumping everywhere. In addition, it is important to note that this family of baboons - and although two being in training - are not used for the track. In addition, during tours, baboons never leave their cage.

Our request : Tiagoand his people live in their cage truck, is this a life for these animals? If we understand that this species lives in harem, we think that the time of retirement has come for him and for the two other females - who are not in training - of the truck. Solutions can be found, if only to keep them on the circus winter field.