Lechmee bis

Lechmee :


Our investigation - September 2017/autumn 2 018 : Lechmee is an elephant from Asia, about 53 years old. Sold by a company specializing in the sale of exotic animals in 1973 to a foreign circus, accompanied by another elephant, Meena. Both, along with Kamala, will be the last survivors of this circus and will be sold between 1999 and 2000 in France. Alas, Lechmee is suffering. Despite an operation, paid for by its owner, to help fight against blindness, nothing works. Lechmee is a visually impaired elephant. As if that were not enough, with age, she begins to have more and more trouble moving one of her legs ; no longer able to defecate alone and, according to associations, would begin to be disabled by the trunk and could no longer feed itself.


Our request : The placement of Lechmee becomes urgent! In view of the health problems of the elephant, his life is no longer roaming. The car parks, the concrete floor, the transport in truck, all that must make it extremely painful. Since the fall of 2017, Lechmee no longer participates in performances. We think it is high time to find a place in a sanctuary and place it in the company of Meena and Kamala, his companions always and as old as she and that, even if his last do not have any health problems. Why wait for the last moment? In addition, is it really necessary to attach - front and back leg - these three old ladies to prepare them for performances? (photo opposite)

Finally : Lechmee is no longer roaming since October 2 018. This is good news, for this old elephant visually impaired. Her owner made the decision to send Lechmee to a monastery in Britain to spend the rest of her life there. If Meena and Kamala are still on the road, Lechmee can still get to know another elephant present on the spot. Let's hope that this establishment, which can accommodate up to 5 elephants, will soon be able to welcome its former companions.