Maya bis

Maya :


Our investigation - October 2017/April 2018 : Maya is an elephant from Asia, about fifty years old. She would have been bought baby, to give him a future in the circus world. For a long time, Maya chained the capitals of France (although in reality, all the circuses where Maya worked belonged to the same Circassian family and that only the circus changed its name). During her stay at the circus La Piste d'Or, Maya worked alone. She was not lucky enough to be in the company of members of her kind during the tours. It was at this point that the associations began to take an interest in his case. She was later transferred to La Piste aux Etoiles, run by the same family, who owned two other elephants in Asia, Nelly and Brigitte. However, Maya was not in contact with them. The reason was that she did not get along with it. During our investigations, we regularly film Maya swaying, alone (photo opposite). A very sad life.


Our request : Maya being an elderly elephant, and seems relatively thin when compared to Nelly or Brigitte, we asked her placement in a sanctuary or a suitable structure. Given her age, trucks and roaming could no longer be reasonable for her. She needed a large space where she could have moved freely. And why not, make her meet other individuals of her kind. Many associations fought so that Maya could end her life in a suitable environment.


Finally : It is in April 2018 that the news falls. After rumors of death, lawsuits, stories of disappearance, Maya will finally be sent to Italy, in a Safari Park, on the decision of its owner. No sanctuary but a safari, so. The roaming life is over but its environment, although more adapted, is still not perfect. We regret the choice of his investment, always exposed to the public, without real retirement and hope for a change soon.