Nale (Elyo) :


Our investigationNale is a 7 year old lion. He has lived all his life in the Buffalo circus. He lived with his brother, until one day his brother attacked their trainer in full representation. For Nale, it was the beginning of the depression. His brother disappeared - sent to a park, without further details - Nale will be filmed almost a year later, at the bottom of his truck-cage, emaciated, the body covered with wounds. We learn that he is in depression. He self-inflicts his own wounds, a sign of great ill-being. The sedatives that the circus gives him do not change anything, he continues to bang his head against his truck and damage his paws. We then contact many associations to help him, but none want to participate in his rescue with us.


Our request : In view of the state of health of Nale, we immediately ask in April 2018 to a sanctuary to take care of it. The latter, horrified by the images, agrees to receive it. We then contact the circus several times, but our requests will remain unanswered. Yet our fight for this young lion does not stop and we will be more determined than ever to get him out of prison.


Finally : In June 2019, the circus made the decision to leave him in charge of the zoo-refuge of La Tanière. Although we are happy for him, it is unfortunate that the circus did not wish to respond to our requests since we had found him a place in a South African sanctuary since April 2018.