Zulu and Sarabi :


Our investigation - October 2017/February 2019 : Zulu is a 7 year old lion. We receive the first images of Zulu, as well as a lioness named Sarabi during the Autumn of 2017. But it will be October 2018, when the circus came to the Queue-en-Brie, that the conditions of life lions will make us act. On the videos, we see a young white lion roar for long minutes, without access to the cage, lick the bars of his cage and go back and forth continuously ... In addition, a few days later, we receive a message from one of our activists claiming to have witnessed aggression during a demonstration in front of this circus. For us, this lion must not live in the middle of this permanent stress! We immediately contact the circus Lydia Zavatta - Caplot by mail to offer support for Zulu, Sarabi but also two tigers, which they would like to place according to an activist. We explain that we can find them a place in a sanctuary and the association Animal Code joins our request. For the first time, a circus answers us. They tell us that investments are already planned for their big cats.


Our request : Given the living conditions of some big cats, not having access to relaxation cages, we ask their placement. The circus having told us that the retreat of their animals is planned, we are waiting impatiently to see if the establishment has not lied to us. Zulu, Sarabi and other felines deserve a quiet life, far from the long transports, shows and life on parking lots.


Finally: This is done since February 2019, Zulu, Sarabi and a tigress, Paris, were placed in a retirement home for wild animals, ROAAR, Trets. They now enjoy the greenery of a land permanently and live in the company of other lions and tigers from different circuses. We wish them a long and beautiful life, even if they will never return to the South African soil, as we would have liked.