Fauves faron

Fauverie du Faron (establishment) :


Our investigation : The Faron forest is located in the town of Toulon (83), surrounded by a truly magnificent landscape! But animal pens are not so lucky. We had contacted the forest in 2017, they had explained to us not to have the income and the necessary authorizations to enlarge the establishment and, consequently, the pens of carnivores. However, this fauverie shows us a very sad spectacle, old animals, stereotyped, turning in circles in their enclosures often having no connection with their natural environment ... Lions, tigers, hyenas, lynx, wolves, caracals, servals, panthers, pumas and jaguars are presented for breeding and performances, but also raccoons, hamadryas baboons, lemurs and a teaching farm.


Our request : The conditions of the animals present are unacceptable, including for a breeding center. If, it is true, over the years, some animals were entitled to new pens much more respectful of their well-being (panthers, lionesses) most occupants remain stereotyped. What interest for a breeding center to have baboons, lemurs and raccoons? None, except to attract the public. We are therefore asking for the placement of animals that are not felines, and the expansion of the establishment to turn it into a sanctuary - the fauna and flora around it allowing it - and to stop the captivity of these animals and the courts of dressage.