Gibbon 1

Gibbon :


Our investigation : For several years, we have been following the case of a white-handed gibbon. He is a young male, living alone in his pen. During our surveys, we asked park staff if the gibbon was stereotyped, to which they replied that everything was done so that no. When asked about loneliness, they tell us that they lived with their parents until they died. Today, the park would be too small to accommodate a new gibbon and no development is planned in its enclosure. The park management tells us not to be for a transfer.


Our request : Sad life for this monkey who could meet a partner and start a family. His life is very sad, making trips back and forth, in his cage, swaying from branches to branches, then stopping for long minutes while lying down, looking outward. We ask for his well-being his transfer to a space or a sanctuary, so that he can meet a female and live his life there. We know the park is working hard for the welfare of the animals, maybe they'll let us...