Gina :


Our investigation : As a 48-year-old Asian elephant, Gina lives alone at the Fréjus zoo. She is strongly stereotyped, swaying very regularly to fill her boredom, and regularly seeks contact with visitors to the park. In her pen, much too small to meet the needs of an elephant, Gina has the opportunity to take baths of mud, to rub against a rock and to throw itself of the ground. Inside, she has the necessary food.


Our request : As we denounce in our campaigns for the rights of elephants, they are gregarious animals. They do not have to live alone. Even less in tiny pens. We therefore ask, in order to offer maximum comfort to Gina, its placement within a structure able to welcome it in better conditions and offer him a social life. At his age, it may be time to be able to offer him a decent life.