Mara 1

Mara :


Our investigation : For several years we have been following the case of Mara, legally detained in an exotic park in Hyères-les-Palmiers (83). It is a female, suffering from cataracts, aged about twenty years. After our campaign last year, we had met with her veterinarian and the certificate of proficiency, who told us that Mara was in her environment and that the displaced woman, in view of her illness, would cause her death. We noticed that Mara hardly ever came out, except in the morning, to get fresh air and position themselves in height. We also learned that she was born in the park, just like her parents but her grandparents were taken in the wild. She also lived with the monkeys of the zoo La Tête d'Or when she began to develop her illness.


Our request : Mara has her habits in her pen and transferring her could cause more harm than good, according to her veterinarian. We want to believe it, but think that Mara, despite his illness, could acclimatize to a new monkey group. We have seen the case of Lechmee, a visually impaired circus elephant, who acclimatizes herself very well to her new life in England with another elephant. There are only a few years left, at most, in Mara, who is 26 years old. So, even if its displacement is impossible, we ask a maximum of comfort to this female who lives in the park since her birth.


Finally : Mara is always in the park, along with the Martine emu, goats, geese and many peacocks that populate the park. However, the park tells us that on the death of Mara, no monkey will be taken again. Moreover, overall, no non-domestic animals should return to the park.