Mia :


Our investigation : Mia - name given by our association, since it does not have one - is a rhea who lives in the same park as Mara. Her story is not really happy, since a few years ago, Mia was regularly assaulted by one of the park's peacocks. From these repeated attacks, she almost died. Shortly after, his companion died. But her story does not end there, since Mia had a heart attack a few years ago, but was able to cope. She lost sight of one eye, however.


Our request : For his vet, just like Mara, moving Mia would not be a good thing. However, she declares  « The animals here have normal enclosures, but you have to stop the confinement. It's hard to see for them. Years ago, it was acceptable, but now no. Even if Mara can not be moved, as well as the rhea, do not take other animals ». On this point, we agree. But we still ask her placement, so that Mia can meet a male again and build social ties.