Besides circuses, zoos and dolphinariums, many other animals are held captive in France for the entertainment industry. Wolves and bears are perfect examples. They are used during medieval festivals to produce various numbers. Many birds, mainly raptors, are also. At Christmas, in some cities, it is possible to find Christmas villages with real reindeer.

In some establishments, it is quite possible to take selfies with wild animals. Fawn babies are the prey of choice to attract tourists and some establishments do not hesitate to play by highlighting the photos that visitors can take with them. Elephants are also exploited to make souvenir photos. Among them, the elephants Dumba and Baby. For a time, a French circus also offered souvenir photos with penguins.

These same animals, which often belong to capacity, are also used for rental. It's no secret that circuses often rent animals (big cats, elephants, sea lions) but they are not the only ones. The world of cinema, television, photography, fashion or music hire "wild" animals to carry out their project.

Snakes, elephants, tigers, bears and black panthers are the main animals rented to the media. They are also rented by so-called animal welfare structures, which do not hesitate to make money on them.

Many interactions also take place, in zoos, with birds, reptiles or primates. Sometimes even with deer. It is not uncommon that in the dolphinariums, possibilities of meeting with the dolphins can take place.

Another kind of fauna, more European this time, is also captive in France. This is the one for hunting. Wild boars, partridges, pheasants, mallards, hares, bighorn sheep and deer would be affected by this captivity which would only serve to kill animals, according to ASPAS.



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The number of animals exploited for the entertainment industry is impossible to count precisely. If these animals are not housed in circuses, zoos, dolphinariums, sanctuaries or breeding centers, they are at their capacity. It is therefore impossible to access it. But for some time now, certain surveys have been published, after surveillance carried out with trainers. This is how the three bears (Micha, now deceased, Bony and Glasha) of a couple of French trainers were able to be placed in sanctuaries. We also joined the couple to take care, kindly, of their nesting monkey Mina.


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