Chapter Animals investigations abroad are much rarer than in France. However, when they are done, they are done as precisely as possible. Our line of actions in recent months has focused on the world of animal themed bars and cafes. In Asia, with significant popularity in Japan, themed bars are much more popular than regular cafes. Especially since the latter are often ephemeral. Regarding animals, so-called kawaii (cute) animals are popular. If cats and rabbits are present, wild animals are increasingly appearing in these types of establishments - starting with the otter and the hedgehog. This unusual experience, which many would like to try, actually hides a terrible trade ... that of wildlife.

It is a shame to enter such a place. If, in general, cat and rabbit cafes allow customers to adopt a cat, those with wild animals mainly attract crowds to handle them. Which can be very stressful for the animal. Owls, nocturnal animals, are permanently disturbed. Attached, with feathered wings, it is not uncommon to see them trying to fly away in an attempt to find a quiet place. Hawks, snakes, iguanas and hedgehogs can also be very disturbed to be handled every five minutes by ... tourists, more than the Japanese themselves. Penguins attract crowds, too, but cannot be touched.

Cofee korea kangoo

Among our other investigations, that of the dromedaries of Egypt and their shameful working conditions. In France, an individual is authorized to hold a dromedary, just like a camel or a llama, in the same way as a horse or a donkey. It is therefore shocking to see how animals are treated in their own country. Tied in direct sunlight for hours on end, without food or water, the dromedaries wait for a client to rent them. They are then loaded by weight, to lift the individual but also his luggage. It is not uncommon to see injured dromedaries, especially in the nostrils, since they are pulled with a ring and a rope. The legs also suffer, often the dromedaries are tied with cords far too small. They cannot lie down. The owners of these attractions don't hesitate to hit them, forcing them to work. The males, once adulthood is reached, are sold to the local merchant to make meat. Females are destined for the same fate when they can no longer reproduce.

Finally, snake charmers are often a false good idea. This is by no means fabulous and is even a relatively dangerous practice. Snakes cannot hear the same sound as us, they only feel vibrations. And in no case does the flute of the charmer have anything to do with it and the snake is in no way hypnotized by the music, as people around regularly think. It's more the noise around, the approaching crowd or the tapping of the feet of the charmers who bring the cobra out of his basket ... in a defensive position. Indeed, the snake is an animal relatively sensitive to certain sounds. Once awakened, the vibrations that the flute could emit worry them and they will move to the sound of the latter, swelling. But be careful that neither the charmer nor the public is too close, an accident could happen very quickly. Recall that the different species of snakes used - although a majority of cobra - are wild and can be very dangerous.