- Chapter Animals is a law association 1 901, created by Julien NIBES, in 2018. Before that, and since 2017, the association was active but not recognized by the State. It works in France, but also in Japan, Slovakia and São Tomé & Principe, thanks to the help of our local partners or our foreign volunteers. We fight for the animal to be regarded as the equal of the man, so that this one can have rights, is free and safe in its natural environment as well as to protect the environment and the marvelous landscapes that we are lucky to discover each day. Our fight encompasses wildlife, in its totality, whether it is closely related to animals, the planet or humans.

« Chapter Animals » can be translated into French by « Chapitre Animal ». This name has been designated as that of our association since we believe that one day, animal abuse will be only a chapter, that we can turn a new page and start writing a story in harmony with animals and nature.

Our daily action is to be able to intervene where the animals need our voice. For this, we may conduct surveys by ourselves or with the help of whistleblowers, which may last several months, or even years, and then transformed into video(s), with the images we have could capture on the spot. Above all, we try as much as possible to find out more. Why do animals live in these conditions? Can we help them improve their comfort? Is a dialogue with the manager possible? If nothing seems possible, our legal team will take over.

Our principle is based on non-violence. We do not hesitate to ask for meetings with officials to peacefully discuss the fate of animals. As mentioned above, when dialogue is impossible, we act. We know that each individual has his or her own opinion about the topics we cover and that a debate is the best way to move towards a positive one. On the other hand, we have no mercy with animal killers, only for pleasure through torture, poaching or any other form.

In addition to our fight for animals, Chapter Animals is also committed to protecting wild flora. Nature offers men wonderful landscapes that we must protect before they disappear forever. Oceans, mountains, forests ... We are surrounded by a sensitive flora, doomed to disappear we do not change our habits. Our mission is to protect these environments. In order to balance the ecosystem, we ask that these areas become protected areas, sanctuaries. Chapter Animals is committed to funding sanctuaries as soon as possible to protect the flora and fauna, which will play an important role in the rehabilitation of the animals we will save and offer them a semi-free life.


Among our many fights, Chapter Animals has three main goals. The first is to finally give a legal status to several animal species. The three species of elephants, the seven species of great apes and orcas are a priority .. The different species, which no longer have to prove their intelligence, deserve to have the legal status of non-human persons. This status would make it possible to put an end to their exploitation and/or confinement within the many establishments which, often, can not offer them appropriate living conditions.

Through this change, we would like each of us to realize that animals are not mere objects but living and sensitive beings. We also ask that each owner of one of these species provide financial support for the protection of the species in the wild. In our surveys of circuses and zoos with some of these species, we noticed that many animals did not live in optimal conditions.

Since we are talking about circuses, Chapter Animals has committed itself to several establishments to work in collaboration with them rather than against them. Our decision was taken after having exchanges with several Circassians, who explained to us that, regularly and in many "small circuses", the animals did not have winter grounds. We foresee three scenarios for animals that circuses would like to place. Either they are births and the circus can not - for various reasons - keep them; retired animals - especially wild animals and monkeys, too old - but no adequate structure can accommodate them; as well as reconversions of animals no longer used for shows and can not be used for reproduction. We are also the first to congratulate circuses where animals are actually placed in the retreat away from homelessness, as was the case of the elephant Lechmee (Arena Production), Zulu lion, the lioness and Sarabi the tigress Paris.

We also want animals in dolphinariums to have the right to a well-deserved retreat in marine sanctuaries, especially those found in the wild. Six dolphins, in two French dolphinaria, are still alive today and have been taken from the oceans. Today, the six survivors should be allowed to leave the concrete walls that serve as a pool for free swimming.