Our structure is currently based solely on your donations. These are not yet tax deductible yet. When you make a donation to our association, it comes 100% from you. Maybe, and that's perfectly normal, are you worried about how it will be used? This is why Chapter Animals offers you total monitoring of your donation online on request by email.

As you may know, our association works entirely on a voluntary basis and our main goal is the funding of structures / sanctuaries in France and on the African continent capable of helping animals. It is very expensive and we need your support. You can now support Chapter Animals by making a donation (free amount with no minimum).

Our host does not offer online payment, we decided to go through the HelloAsso associative platform. HelloAsso is a 100% secure payment platform. All bank information to process payments is completely secure. Thanks to the SSL encryption of your bank data, you are assured of the reliability of your transactions on HelloAsso. In case of hesitation, Chapter Animals can offer payment via PayPal.



5 euros per month, you could allow us to help our volunteers in the field.



10 $ per month, you could allow us to help an animal in need of care.

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20 $ per month, you could allow us to support us in field research for the creation of the Chapter Animals Sanctuary project.



50 $ per month, you could allow us to offer the comfort necessary for life for an animal (care, transport, food ...)


You can also help us in a variety of ways. You can, for example, organize a fundraiser for our association. Social networks do it more and more for birthdays. You can also organize collections in other ways, such as organizing shows and donating income to Chapter Animals. It is also possible to sell a product and share your income with us. Even if it is only 5 or 10% of your revenue, our association will be grateful to you a billion times.

Once the sanctuary is near, your generosity will also be important. Getting enough to feed the animals will cost a lot. This is why donations of meat (unsold at the butcher's shop, for example) and fruit (in supermarkets) we will be very useful. Obviously, there is no question of going past humanitarian associations. But if you can ever think of us, and our future residents, we will be grateful to you again a billion times. Likewise if you are an influencer and want to share our media with us to help with our projects.