The investigations that we carry out, by ourselves or by volunteers, allow us to check the living conditions of animals in zoos. This allows us to check with our own eyes, rather than listening to the rumors going around. Let us not forget that the primary goal of our association remains the construction of the first sanctuary in France, for animals from captivity. This allows us to study the behavior of these animals in zoos and take note of what it will be good or not to do, as well as to check if an individual needs help!

Sometimes we have very good surprises. This was the case with the Fauverie du Faron meeting, during which we were able to talk for almost two hours with the park managers. On the other hand, and more often than not, they are only disillusionment. This is the case with a mini-zoo where, despite our meeting, nothing changes despite the efforts to improve the living conditions of the animals of the veterinarian present on site. The fate of little monkey Mara and rhea Mia hardly seems to doubt. They will be intended, with the other animals present, to end their day under the gaze of the few visitors to the park, who only have to do with the animal enclosures, preferring to have lunch in the park, take a ride on the little train or admire the many peacocks, ducks and turtles roaming free.

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One thing is certain. For Mia as for Mara, our fight will not end. We will do our utmost so that these animals can end their lives in the best conditions. But our fight does not stop with these two individuals, everywhere in the world Chapter Animals acts for the animal cause. With our Japanese partner, Elephants in Japan, we are fighting to get the elephant Himeko out of his sad life. Thanks to our investigators, we were able to update the drifts of the Kitsune Mura, in Japan, a fox park where the living conditions of the latter are unacceptable, selling articles made from ... fox fur. Our investigators were also able to attend various shows, featuring animals. A zoo is not a circus! Animals should not work. We also witnessed the hooks for elephants, the whip for the big cats, the cutting of feathers to prevent birds from flying, selfies / petting with animals ...

There is also our commitment to help animals taken from the wild. These animals are far more numerous than one might think. The oldest individuals in zoos, especially with regard to primates, elephants and cetaceans, have often been taken wild! For these animals, exploited by man for far too long, their place is no longer in zoos. It is in nature, by our side, alongside sanctuaries.