Our association is ready to help any establishment, as long as it is animal welfare. It is not uncommon to see harmful effects on the behavior of an animal, due to its life in captivity. Even once the latter finds his freedom, it is difficult to make him lose his bad habits. Some species will tend to vomit what they eat before eating it again; some will perform pendulum movements, from front to back or from side to side; others will self-harm or some may be taken to intensive licking for no apparent reason. For these animals, helping them can become urgent! They go crazy. Captivity no longer corresponds to them, and sinks little by little into madness ... Perhaps even that they will become a danger, thereafter, for the man.

We do not judge. Do animals live in these conditions because of a lack of financial means or really because of a foutisme? In any case, Chapter Animals can help you. We are in regular contact with several sanctuaries, especially in South Africa, which could one day help animals. Why, on the pretext that animals were born in captivity, should they not have the right to taste freedom in a larger space? And if you still find it useless, have you just gone to visit these places? Perhaps, would you change your mind?

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Once our structure is built and everything is going to work, ChapterAnimals would really like to help zoos that are having problems. Let's stop making reproduction galore. The exchanges between zoos, it works well five minutes but after. How many animals end up euthanized? Is it really a life, when you know that the number of wild animals continues to decrease? What if, you transformed your zoo into a refuge for these animals, while waiting to allow them to fly towards day parole. France lacks establishments like this, so why not become one.

Today, zoos - or zoological parks - are increasingly debated. People are asking more and more questions related to captivity. Around the world, images and scandals are published on social networks and activities involving animals are constantly criticized. So yes, funding research, participating in reproduction / reintrocution programs is good ... But we can do more. And most importantly, you can change people's view. In France, as abroad, let's put an end to these absurd practices, like salts trust with wild animals, walk them on a leash, let them live in concrete enclosures with colored walls ... Protection can become you .

After all, more and more circuses are running without animals - definitely or in certain cities. Wouldn't this be an opportunity for these establishments to offer a whole new life to animals? A final show stop.