You've always wanted to get involved in the animal and / or environmental cause, but you never dared? Do not worry, Chapter Animals is here to help you. The members of the association's office, with whom you will be in contact, have years of experience as volunteers.

Our motto is non-violence, dialogue, so do not hesitate to contact us and join us at our gatherings to discuss the projects of the association and your level of integration, if you want to fight with us. But why join the ranks of Chapter Animals?

You should know that you can find some of our fights on our blog or in the section "Who are we? ". We are talking about our fight for the rights of elephants and great apes; from our discussions with owners and establishments possessing non-domestic animals or cetaceans to place them in places more adapted to their needs without having the constraint of isolation, transport or a space too small. We fully understand that a link can be made between the trainer - or educator - / the trainer and the animal, but to allow him to evolve a little, it is important to give him more space.

To ensure the welfare of animals around the world, we need you regularly! The more we care about their well-being, the more their condition will change. This is why we are in constant contact with whistleblowers who, entirely on a voluntary basis, go to the places where the animals are located to make videos and photos and send them to us explaining the situation. The images taken by the whistleblowers are very diverse and come from all types of establishments containing animals (circus, pet shop, breeding) but also of particular (abuse, exploitation, abandonment). It may also happen that Chapter Animals asks an investigator to go to the scene of a place X to take pictures.