Our structure is currently based solely on your donations. These are, for the moment, not yet tax deductible. When you make a donation to our association, it comes 100% from you. Perhaps, and this is normal, are you worried about how it will be used? That's why Chapter Animals offers you a total follow-up of your online donation on simple request by email.

Whether your donation is 5 euros, 50 or 500, whether regular or not, Chapter Animals offers to be kept informed of the progress of the use of the latter. We also offer you the opportunity to choose how your donation will be used. As you may know, our association works entirely on a voluntary basis and our main goal is the financing of structures / sanctuaries in France and Africa capable of helping animals. It is very expensive and we need your support.

So you can choose between : 

- Participate in the costs of our investigations

- Participate in the financing of future sanctuaries ;

- Participate in transportation / animal care costs ;

- Participate in the expenses of our wild fauna and flora campaigns.